Terms & Conditions

This agreement is between (hiring customers) and Town Cars Australia for the hire of a vehicle at the agreed times and subject to the following conditions:

  1. Payment can be made by Cash, Amex, Visa & Master Card credit cards, or electronic funds transfer. Corporate Accounts are Welcome
  2. Hire agreements can only be made by an adult 18 years of age or over. The hiring customer will be held responsible for the actions and conduct of all the passengers within their party Town Cars Australia reserves the right to terminate the charter agreement without refund if passengers become unruly or abusive.
  3. All vehicles are non-smoking. No food policy in cabin compartments also for all our vehicles.

   Should this condition be ignored the drivers are instructed to terminate the charter agreement.

  1. All passengers are required to wear seat belts in accordance with current laws.

    Carriage of children by prior agreement using the correct restraints.

  1. Changes to the schedule are communicated to Town Cars Australia both verbally and by email and Town Cars Australia will confirm the changes are acceptable.
  2. Drivers reserve the right to refuse passage to any venue that they deem unsafe for the vehicle or passengers.
  3. Overtime rates of per fifteen minutes or part there-of will be invoiced to the hiring customer where applicable.

    In some circumstances overtime cannot be added due to other commitments.

  1. Damage or soiling of the cars caused by the Client (including upholstery damage, spillage, and soiling) will be charged to the hiring customer. The cleaning and sanitizing fee for soiling is $200, damage is charged at cost.
  2. In the event of an unforeseen accident or breakdown before or during your event, we reserve the right to substitute an alternative vehicle for those booked.
  3. In the event of an unforeseen accident or breakdown during your event, Town Cars Australia will not be held liable for compensation beyond the cost of the car hire for the specific vehicle and time not in service. In all cases we will endeavor to do our best to keep you on time



Cancellation Policy 

  • Please consider the capacity of your booked vehicle as for safety and insurance reasons, extra luggage cannot be carried in the passenger compartments of all vehicles.
  • All Flights are tracked by your driver and charges will only apply from the arrival time of your flight - An Airport Parking Fee of $6.00 is applicable for all inbound flights

    • Any cancellation of a SEDAN booking with less than 2 hours from the booked dispatch time will incur the full fare.
    • Any cancellation of a VAN booking by the passenger within 24 hours of the booking time will incur the full fare.   
    • Any amendment to a pickup time, received less than one hour prior to the booked pick-up time, will incur a waiting fee charge calculated from the original pick-up time
    • Quoted prices are subject to change in accordance with any amendments to the volume of luggage and number of passengers

    i.e. Sedan maximum of four passengers' luggage

    i.e. Van maximum of seven passengers with luggage

    Current COVID 19 guidelines may alter the above details


    • Waiting time more than 15 minutes will be charged at the current Cash Booking rate or applicable corporate rate. The waiting time will be charged effective from the scheduled pickup time.

Luggage Information

Please note capacity of vehicles when making an enquiry, as extra luggage cannot be carried in the passenger compartments of the vehicles for safety and insurance reasons.


A Trailer can be arranged at no charge for excess luggage. (Please advise on booking of vehicle if required )

Child Safety

We take the safety of all our passengers seriously, especially our youngest clients. We only fit Australian standards child safety restraints. For new born children up to 6 months we can fit your baby capsule or seat in any of our vehicles.

Baby Seats

Fixed front & rear facing seats as well as booster seats can be supplied upon request.



We do not operate or take bookings for Stretch Limousines or vehicles with a seating capacity required above 7 passengers.